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Green Nose Family



Along with your  you also get to take part in our ’Happy Seeds’ Tales. Young Growers  add to the ongoing story based on our Green Nose Family characters.

But first we need to give our characters names. You can enter our competition to

name each of the Family members. winners will decided by our Head Gardener and all winners will receive a special ‘Happy Seeds’ prize. Send all entries to our email address. Good Luck!






Christmas Tree For Sale

178 New Cross  Road



Super Grade Nordman Fir and our own pot grown Norway Spruce trees are available:


178 New Cross Road London

The Rosemary Restaurant and Organic Shop



Come and have a look!
We open every day.


The prices of Christmas trees:

Super Grade Nordman Fir:

4ft                     25

4ft – 5ft            35

5ft                     40

6ft                     45

7ft                     50

8ft                     80

9ft                     90

10ft                   100

11ft                   120

12ft                   140

Own pot grown Norway Spruce trees:

3-4ft                 10-15











Tomato Festival 2015

The New Organic Shop - 178 New Cross Road London



Welcome to ’Dig This’ Nursery


We are an expanding Family Business,(Est 2008) based in Welling South East London.
Our Nursery has an ever increasing range of Plants, Shrubs and Trees. We also have a diverse selection of Organic Potted vegetable and Herb plants.




Monthly Garden Tips




32. June Tips 

June is a great time to plant. Plants and trees that provide colour in the month of June include Azaleas, Hydrangeas, Rhododendrons,Spireas,Butterfly Bush, Mock Orange and Golden Rain Tree. Visit the nursery and see these beautiful plants in bloom.
It's a great time to plant annuals,perennials and all trees and shrubs.










Gardens come to School, a new exciting gardening project for school children


Read more >>>




Wholesale Seeds :







We would like to introduce you to Happy Seeds. We currently have a range of 30 different types of seeds and designs that provides children with a unique introduction to learn how to sow and grow some of our most popular plants, vegetables, fruits and herbs.








from 10




The Rosemary Organic Restaurant and Shop

178 New Cross Road
SE14 5AA                          on map







           Mon to Fri : 9am - 7pm

           Sat/Sun:      9am - 6pm






Organic Shop 178 New Cross Road






Organic food SHOP

































































































Tomato World:



In 2010, we started to grow a special collection of Tomato seeds. Special because they come from all over the World! From Spain to Austria, Hungary to America. Currently we have 72 National varieties and their number is growing every year!  We are going to organize the first Tomato Festival in the backyard of the Hobgoblin Pub, New Cross Gate this year in August, where all of our varieties are going to be exhibited. We are also going to organize a walk in August in our organic allotment during which we will explore which tomato varieties are growing best in this climate. The tour is FREE of charge but booking a place in advance is necessary!





































































































































































































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